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The Pispok Off-the-shelf Software we offer are:

  1. Automated Testing Software: you can create different type of questions like Multiple choices, Ture/False, Match Table, Single Statement, Essay,etc. The software consists of two parts. The Engine that run the exam written in JAVA, and the Web interface that creates the questions, mark them, and communicate with the candidate written in ASP.NET and use Microsoft SQL Server as a database server. A demo link will be available soon.

  2. The Corporate phone number directory is a software that is written in ASP.NET and provide a list of the employee their phone numbers, emails, and job titles. A demo link will be available soon.

  3. The Company's building access report generator is a software that is generate reports from the systems that log the entrance to the building. A demo link will be available soon.

  4. The corporate's events displayed on the front screen as a marquee, written in JAVA and will be avaliable for download soon.

  5. Minimal Cover of Functional Dependencies in a DBMS written in JAVA and will be avaliable for download soon.

Free tools Tools and API for Internal Phone Directories

We also provide bespoke software that serve the customer needs.

At International Software and Integration, Inc. We develop your solution with the best practice of hidden the implementation, encrypting the media at the front end, and securing the connection between the application and the user to make sure your customized solution is not available to the public; it was customized for an entity and suppose to be the owner of the source code. Examples are http://*****.int-soft.com (all java script file packed in one file) and https://******.int-soft.com (all java script files are packed in one file). For media content we implement similar approach as Cisco https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/enterprise-networks/sd-wan/index.html?socialshare=lightbox_video_marq the media file page http://players.brightcove.net/1384193102001/NJgI8K0ie_default/index.html?videoId=6133258127001 Playing video from Blob (Binary large object) not mpeg or mp4 format.

We also provide customized livestreaming and video meeting applications. Example, use OBS Studio OBS Studio In setting --> Live Stream set the service to custom server to rtmp://****.int-soft.com/live and stream key to test. Play the stream at rtmp://*****.int-soft.com/live/test on any play like VLC VLC From media --> open network stream --> network (tab) and past the url.

The steam will post on a webpage later using DASH (.mpd) or HLS (.m3u8) format to make it available on the website without player like VLC.

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